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About Us
Company profile

Company introduction

Beihet focuses on independent innovation and integrates research,development,design and manufactu

re.With system integration, automation equipment, assembly line integration, special equipment, testin

g equipment,equipment modification and automation product sales,it provides multi-modal service for customers.

Technical team

We have a design team of mechanical and electrical integration, fully achieving the best results of
the mechanical and electrical compatibility to ensure their scientific combination and provide more
reliable technology and more stable performance. Our design team has mature and rich experience and active thinking.Inthe design and implementation of new schemes,they will ensure the feasibility
and success rate of the scheme by careful field investigation and discussion (argumentation) to provide customers with the best scheme and its practicability.

Company image

Beihet improves staff’s quality and technical ability by training and learning guided by science and
technology, life and future.Beihet has a senior research and development and technical team and we can find the connecting point  between customers and our own knowledge.We are deeply expecting that at the beginning of the customer’s new product development, it stands out in the decision of the customer and us. We can contribute
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